Blu Bird Solar

Infrastructure & Manufacturing

Bluebird Solar is dedicated to keep pace with latest technological advancements integrated with quality and reliability. Our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and RoHS accredited, State of the art, fully automated manufacturing facility which is located in Greater Noida and spreads across an area of 2 Acres.

Quality oriented Manufacturing

The process with which panels are manufactured and the way quality is controlled determines the quality of the panels, which in turn is very crucial to achieve the maximum possible efficiency & output. Our raw materials are procured from Tier one suppliers. The process and quality control also determines the life of the solar panels. Therefore, every item is stringently tested for conformance to specifications by our production team. On other hand our purchase team makes sure about the uniformity of the cell color, its quality, electrical performance and overall finish of other raw materials.

Research & Development

Assisting our endeavors are the intensive R&D, innovation and strict conformance to highest standards of product excellence. Our R&D is a strategic process that ensures all our products match the standards of Quality, Longevity, Performance & Environmental Sustainability. Consequently, the products have good price – performance ratio and they are safe, and easy to install and maintain.

Facilities at Factory

  • Tabber Stringer from Eco progetti with an output of 700 cells per hour, patented soldering technology, and additional feature to process cut cells from 40mm
  • In house Laboratory with set up for Hi-Pot Test, Wet Leakage Test, Gel Test, Pull Test, Peel Test, Ground Bound Test, Impact Test, Load Test.
  • Fully automatic Laminator with Teflon release sheet on top and bottom; Automatic brush cleaning, Automatic pneumatic membrane tensioning and Safety protection.
  • LED based, Patented Flash test technology for Cells and Modules (AAA+ grade Cell Tester & Sun Simulator from Eco progetti) with LED based patented flash test technology for electrical testing for cells and modules at STC.
  • 100% EL Inspection Pre and Post lamination with high resolution Cameras.(250micron/pixel)
  • Screw Type Air-compressor coupled with Refrigerated Air Dryer from ElGi.
  • 100% Visual inspection Pre and Post lamination
  • Fully automatic conveyorized system for Material Movement.
  • Automatic hydraulic framing machine with crimping feature for robust frame locking
  • 100% Power-backup through UPS and generator system from Consul.

Manufacturing Process

  • Cell Testing

    Cell Testing

  • Stringer


  • Bussing & Lay-up

    Bussing & Lay-up

  • Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

  • Electroluminiscence tester

    Electroluminiscence tester

  • Lamination in EcoLam

    Lamination in EcoLam

  • Framing


  • Sun Simulator

    Sun Simulator

  • Cleaning


  • Packing & forwarding

    Packing & forwarding