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Solar Hybrid Inverters & Charge Controllers

Solar Hybrid Inverters

Solar Hybrid Inverters

The Solar Inverter is a critical component in solar energy system. It performs the conversion of variable DC Output of Photovoltaic (PV) modules into a clean sine Wave of 50 Hz AC current that is applied directly to the commercial electrical grid or to a local of grid solar network.

Bluebird solar inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger & transfer switch into one complete system. The inverter allows optimizing the solar power having extremely low idle current & has option of remotely monitoring the power and battery which helps customers to evaluate the performance of the solar system.

Our inverters are based on PWM and MPPT technology, hence they are superior to traditional inverters based on conventional technology.


  • Pure Sine wave
  • User friendly LED & LCD Display
  • High power conversion efficiency & reliability
  • Intelligent & smart Charging for longer battery life
  • Auto Priority logic for smart, hybrid charging through Solar & Mains
  • Integrated PWM or MPPT charge controller & intelligent microprocessor control


  • Overload and thermal
  • Battery reverse
  • Solar reverse current protection
  • Output Short circuit protection
  • Lightening Surge
  • Automatic Low Battery detection

Hybrid Inverter Range Available:

PWM Solar inverters: 850 VA, 1050 VA, 1400 VA, 2500 VA, 4000 VA

MPPT Solar inverters: 1400 VA, 2500 VA, 4000 VA, 5000 VA, 6000 VA, 7500 VA, 10000 VA, 12500 VA, 15000 VA

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controller is a device needed for monitoring and controlling the charging of battery bank connected to the Solar Modules. A solar panel may generate power at a higher voltage which may overcharge or damage the battery. This in turn reduce the efficiency of the solar power system . Prevention of this situation is possible with use of Charge controllers.

Hence, the Main function of a solar charge controller is to optimize the rate at which electric current is added or drawn from the batteries. Thus, preventing overcharging of batteries simultaneously safeguarding battery from voltage fluctuation which can reduce battery performance or lifespan or may pose a security risk.

Bluebird solar charge controller is a PWM charge controller with inbuilt LCD display that adopts the most advanced digital technique. The multiple load control modes enables its use on wide range of appliances can be widely used on solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.

Solar Charge Controllers


Advance micro-controller technology with accurate voltage settings
12/24 V auto detection
100% Solid state and very low voltage drops
High efficiency regulation with three stage charging technique
Built - in temperature compensation
Acoustic warning for faulty conditions

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PWM charging
Battery type selection: Sealed, Gel, Flooded
Multi-function LCD displays system information intuitively
Multiple load control modes
Energy statistics function
Optional RTS for accurate temperature compensation
Extensive electronic protection

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