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Polycrystalline Solar PV modules

Polycrystalline Solar PV modules
Module Series Cells Max. System Voltage Technical sheet
40W – 125W 36 Cells - 5BB 600 / 1000 V DC View Sheet
160W – 170W 36 Cells - 5BB 1000 V DC View Sheet
270W – 280W 60 Cells - 5BB 1500V DC View Sheet
325W – 335W 72 Cells - 5BB 1500 V DC View Sheet
Why Bluebird Solar Polycrystalline PV Modules ?
  • High conversion efficiency
  • Only positive power output tolerance
  • 100% EL Inspected to ensure micro crack free modules.
  • AR Coated high Transmission Glass
  • Resistant to PID and Salt-Mist/Ammonia corrosion
  • Certified to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • 25 years of linear output power
Get More with our range of Sunblaze Plus PERC PV Modules
  • Designed with new generation PERC Technology.
  • Higher cell Efficiency than conventional Polycrystalline cells.
  • More Power output per Sq. meter.
  • Outstanding low Light and longer wavelength performance.
  • Lower temperature co-efficient.
  • Telecommunication Tower Applications
  • Large Scale Utility Projects & Micro –grids
  • On –Grid Rooftop Systems for Industrial & Commercial Buildings
  • Off –Grid Rooftop systems for Residential Buildings
  • Defence & Offshore Applications
  • Solar Water Pumping Applications
  • Street Lighting Applications & Portable Solar Products
  • Outdoor Media, Billboards & Signage

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